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1and1.com Report Card
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Tel: 1-877-GO-1AND1
Email: sales@1and1.com
Website: http://www.1and1.com
Address: 701 Lee Road, Suite 300
Chesterbrook, PA, 19087, United States of America

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1and1.com Hosting Plans
Plan Category Price Storage Transfer
 Quad-Core XXL Windows  Dedicated  $519.99  2250GB  6000GB
 Quad-Core XXL Linux  Dedicated  $499.99  2250GB  6000GB
 Quad-Core XL Windows  Dedicated  $409.99  2000GB  5000GB
 Quad-Core XL Linux  Dedicated  $399.99  2000GB  5000GB
 Quad-Core L Windows  Dedicated  $309.99  1500GB  4000GB
 Quad-Core L Linux  Dedicated  $299.99  1500GB  4000GB
 Dual-Core XXL Windows  Dedicated  $269.99  1000MB  5000GB
 Dual-Core XXL Linux  Dedicated  $249.99  1000GB  5000GB
 Dual-Core XL Windows  Dedicated  $209.99  800GB  3000GB
 Dual-Core XL Linux  Dedicated  $199.99  800GB  3000GB
 Dual-Core L Windows  Dedicated  $109.99  500GB  2000GB
 Dual-Core L Linux  Dedicated  $99.99  500MB  2000GB
 Dual-Core M Windows  Dedicated  $69.99  500GB  2000GB
 Dual-Core M Linux  Dedicated  $59.99  500GB  2000GB
 Dual-Core S Windows  Dedicated  $59.99  320GB  1000GB
 Dual-Core S Linux  Dedicated  $49.99  320GB  1000GB
 1&1 Advanced eShop Shopping Cart  E-Commerce  $49.99  5GB  500GB
 1&1 Professional eShop Shopping Cart  E-Commerce  $24.99  3GB  300GB
 1&1 Starter eShop Shopping Cart  E-Commerce  $9.99  2GB  200GB
 1&1 Domain Registration  Domain Registration  $8.99  2GB  GB
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